About Us

How it all started...

The seed that would grow into we.co was sown on an unusually sunny autumn afternoon in 2013, near Holland Park, in London, in a street covered with glowing autumn leaves and wet after a recent shower.
We were there to participate in a conference on the latest developments in the translation industry, before returning to Italy bubbling over with enthusiasm and new ideas.
But before ending up on that street we had each travelled on our own personal journey.
Although we both graduated from the Department of Interpreting and Translation Studies at the University of Trieste, our paths didn’t cross.
We entered the employment market at different times and in different sectors, developing the same passion for the world of translations and interpreting, and reaching the same conviction: that in order to provide a truly professional service you need to become a specialist.
So we did. And one spring in Milan we both found ourselves attending a specialist course in economy and finance.
We discovered that we shared the same enthusiasm and willingness to take on challenges, and a similar approach to work and desire for professional growth. Our ensuing friendship and mutual admiration led us to work together on an increasing number of jobs.
We decided to co-translate, co-operate and co-llaborate.
And the result was we.co!

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