Interpreting services: conferences, meetings, negotiations

Language pairs: Italian - English / Italian - French
Other language pairs available on request.

There is an increasing tendency for international corporate documents to be drawn up after meetings, conference calls, negotiations, working lunches, or meetings at fairs taking place in foreign languages (prevalently English).
It is in these situations that interpreters’ skills come into play – accuracy, impartiality, clarity, in-depth knowledge of the language and attention to cultural differences – in a word, professionalism – in order to translate concepts into words, and help those involved reach an agreement.
On other occasions, corporate internationalisation involves organising seminars, conferences, training and refresher courses held by foreign speakers or for a foreign audience requiring a simultaneous interpreting service capable of grasping the details and nuances of the communications. offers the following services:

liaison interpreting (Italian – English, Italian – French, during conference calls and meetings)
simultaneous interpreting (English – Italian)
consecutive interpreting (English – Italian)
whispered interpreting (English – Italian) can also help you hire the necessary audiovisual equipment (bidule equipment and soundproof booths) from our trusted suppliers who can provide you with a personalised package to make your conferences, seminars and meetings a true success!

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