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Sworn translations (Milan and Venice)

A sworn translation is often required when submitting documents such as certificates, identity documents, certificates, financial statements, company documents, contracts, diplomas, Curriculum Vitae, etc. to public bodies, institutions or authorities, and is necessary for the translation to be accepted in the country of use. In fact, a sworn translation requires the translator to swear an oath in court or notary public to attest that the translation is the legal equivalent of the source text.

Apostille or Certificate of Authentication (Milan and Venice)

This certificate is issued after the sworn translation has been produced, and is required when submitting documents to foreign authorities in countries that are members of the 1961 Hague Convention. The certification validates the official signature of the notary-public or official on the sworn translation, and the capacity in which it was done.

Creation of glossaries for in-house use and terminological search

We compile glossaries in two or more languages using the technical terminology of your business sector to facilitate intra-company communication.

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