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Economic and financial translations

The coming into force of Regulation (EC) No 1606/2002 followed by the Italian legislative decree 38/2005 now requires all publicly-listed companies to prepare their consolidated financial statements according to International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS-IFRS) to ensure that they can be understood globally. Moreover, Italian Decree-Law no. 78 of 31 May 2010 “Urgent measures on financial stabilisation and economic competitiveness”, which regulates the policy of application of transfer pricing, means that parent companies are obliged to prepare the so-called Masterfile, and subsidiaries must prepare the country-specific documentation in order to confirm that provisions in the aforementioned decree-law have been correctly implemented.
These changes have led to an increased production of economic documents and an increased demand for translations to favour their comprehension. draws upon specialist skills, ongoing training and meticulous work methods in order to translate the following types of texts:

financial statements and consolidated financial statements
management reports, notes to the financial statements
audit opinions
transfer pricing, and in particular:
       the masterfiles drawn up in English that Italian companies generally receive from their foreign parent companies;
       country-specific documentation that Italian companies are required to send to their foreign parent companies for inclusion in the masterfile
comparative economic analyses
investment fund reports
market trends
minutes of meetings
market and business branch analyses
corporate governance, and much more.

Legal translations

The rise in business relations with countries abroad has led to an increase in the need for contracts and other legal documents drawn up in foreign languages. This is a particularly tricky area, not just because of the issues involved and specific terminology, but also because it can be impossible to find an exact equivalent in the target language for the legal concept in the source text. For example, the differences between civil law (developed in continental Europe and based on Roman law), and common law (developed in America and Britain) lead to difficulties in translating notions and terms existing in the source law/culture/language into a law/culture/language where such concepts may not exist. translates the following types of documents in this sector:

various types of contract (contracts of sale, agency agreements, rental agreements, tender contracts, non-disclosure agreements, supply contracts, works contracts, lease agreements, etc.)
confidentiality agreements
notary deeds
powers of attorney
various types of certificate
procedural documents
shareholders’ agreements
articles of association
memorandums of association
tax audit reports
Italian company registrations (visure camerali)
arbitrations, and much more.

Other types of translation

In addition to the above areas of specialisation, also translates texts in a wide range of other areas including manuals, food & wine, safety, renewable energies, photovoltaic, oil & gas, tenders (calls for tenders, statement of works), construction, furnishing, marketing, localisation, websites, etc.
For translations in areas lying outside our purview we can recommend qualified reliable colleagues specialised in the sectors concerned.

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