The 3.losophy

The philosophy

Three reasons for choosing

Collaboration is one of our strengths; underpinning our name and our entire philosophy, it is based on the conviction that exchanging knowledge is the key to offering a high quality service. It extends to all three spheres of our activity:

In-house collaboration helping us benefit from mutual competences and knowledge.

Collaboration with other colleagues to guarantee services in other language pairs or sectors, and to allow us to manage and supervise larger jobs and projects, and with other suppliers to provide you with support in sectors that are not within our purview.

Collaboration with you, our customers, in a synergy of effort that will help us to understand your needs and solve problems as they crop up in order to offer a final service that will leave you 100% satisfied.


The benefits of

Problem solving, effective project management, direct support and in-house text revision

Customers choosing can rest assured that their project will be translated and managed by us in person, without going through intermediaries. Our aim is to offer you a customised translation service thanks to a direct dialogue with the person responsible for managing international documents within your company, making the internationalisation process simpler and more straightforward. We will manage all the materials entrusted to us effectively and meticulously, ensuring the confidentiality of the information contained, and saving you time and money.
There are numerous benefits involved in this type of collaboration:
immediate problem solving thanks to two-way feedback in case of changes to the source text or other issues;
effective management of the technical terms ensuring uniformity, correctness and coherence thanks to the use of translation memories and glossaries compiled together with our customers;
hands-on-support in relations with external consultants (accountants and legal firms) or for the coordination of in-house translators;
accurate text revision for all translations according to the 4-eyes principle (in compliance with DIN EN 15038:2006, the specific European quality standard for translation services).

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